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30N 3NN1X

30N 3NN1X
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11.03.2011 04:29

Pray for the people of japan

i want to Encourage people to be lifting up the people of japan in Prayer, for their losses and the trials they are going through due to the earthquakes and tsunami that has hit.
Please take the time out to Pray for them, and for God to reach into their lives, and hearts, to make a difference in times like these when they Need Him the most.

may God Bless you all, and may Jesus be your Peace, as well as the people of japan.

30N 0U7!


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United States
13.03.2011 16:25
Re: Pray for the people of japan
oh yeah this is a good one. kind of hard to over look this now its all over the news and such.

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