Audio Paradox - The Iniquity of Time

Seemingly coming out of nowhere, Audio Paradox took the stage at C-stone `99 and proceeded to lay waste to the audience with their club-smart mix of goth and industrial dance. Their first full-length CD is at least a consolation to those not in attendance.

The Iniquity of Time isn't just 10 tracks at 150 bpm each, though. It is an alloy of dance, trance, and ambience. Songs like "Collision" and "Cached Influx" are strong numbers for the dance floor with hard beats and catchy hooks. "Underlines" and "Threshold" are darker soundscapes; sonic-sculpture for serious times. My favorites, however, are the hypnotic "Time To Burn" and the Middle Eastern flavored "Transgression." Josh Pyle and company know the genre and how to work it!

My only complaint is how the guitars were mixed into a couple of the cuts. They're almost a sore thumb, sticking out as to seem like something thrown in as an afterthought. But mixing heavy guitars into electronic music is difficult, as there is so much sonic range taken up already. It certainly doesn't take away from the rest of the disc. This comes highly recommended for fans of dark electronic music. (by: Don Hill)