Music Reviews

Audio Paradox - The Iniquity of Time

Seemingly coming out of nowhere, Audio Paradox took the stage at C-stone `99 and proceeded to lay waste to the audience with their club-smart mix of goth and industrial dance. Their first full-length CD is at least a consolation to those not in attendance.

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Delta-S - Chasm

The name Delta-S has been on the Flaming Fish Music website band list for a couple of years now. With no info or samples to go by we've been unable to feed our curiosity until now with the release of their debut CD "Chasm".

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Coriolis - Coriolis

Coriolis debuts with a fresh take on Industrial that creator Jonathan Stamets calls "synth-metal." Although both the vocals and guitar riffs resemble those of Metallica, the occasional use of symphonic programming and pennywhistles creates a more progressive vibe, making this more than just another paint-by-numbers

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