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30N 3NN1X

30N 3NN1X
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15.03.2011 06:41

seasonal tracks

well, this happens to me everytime the year rolls around to november, and yes i am aware that while i am posting this we are just beginning spring, but i figured we could get a head start on things.

every winter i go looking for seasonal songs by the artists of the industrial genre, and usually wind up spending most of my time listening to for it's collection of seasonal tracks instead.
while i have nothing against doing such, it would be nice to span the playlist out from there even, if possible.
can some people post some ideas of what cd's to look into for the winter season?
especially if it's songs Glorifying Christ rather than just some trash about having a "blue christmas" :P.

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30N 0U7!


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United States
04.04.2011 05:51
Re: seasonal tracks
they arent all strickly industrial but i can think of a few bands that have christmas songs.

batzz in the belfry
joy electric
the echoing green
silent auction

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