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29.12.2011 17:01

Selling 1990's industrial and other genres

Hi there everyone,

First of all hello! I'm one of those people who has occasionally checked out FF over the years. I'm from Sydney, Australia. I'm sure I've bought some stuff from FF in the past... Parca Pace blew me away.

The reason I've joined the forum is that I'm selling quite a lot of my collection of Christian industrial from the 90's. I'm also selling plenty of other genres like electronic, metal, worship and other stuff. All up there are 130 CDs.

Basically, my tastes have become more targeted and I'm having a cleanout. I suppose if I don't listen to an album anymore, there's no point in keeping it is there?

Here are the most relevent items for Flying Fish members. There are no set prices - make an offer.

Alexa - Disfigured
Alexa - Honey lake
Audio Paradox - The iniquity of time
Chatterbox - Despite
Collapsing Structure - Part 2 of the cataclysm singles (various)
Deitiphobia - Clean
Deitiphobia - Digital priests the remixes
Deitiphobia - Donderfliegen (Digital priests / 1990)
Deitiphobia - Fear of God
Deitiphobia - Fear of the digital remix
Deitiphobia - lo:fi.vs.sci:fi
Electro Shock Therapy (various)
Generation - Brutal reality
globalWAVEsystem - Life equals death
Jagged Doctrine - I wear the mask
Klank - Downside
Klank - Numb
Klank - Still suffering
Midnight Orchestra - Digital Saviour
Midnight Orchestra - Land of nod
Passafist - s/t
Positively Charged Electrons - s/t (various)
X-Propagation - Conflict

If you'd like to, you can check out the sale and other items here:

Thanks guys.

- Jono

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09.04.2012 18:52
Re: Selling 1990's industrial and other genres
do you have Automata 3.0?

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