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03.06.2011 22:49

hey everybody

Name is Dave. I'm a Christian. My wife and I have been involved with youth ministry for many years. I'm interested in learning about new bands/ music. Most of my CD's are tooth and nail or solid state. I like punk, alt metal,heavier music, but I also like Andy Hunter and related electronica. I play guitar & bass.


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21.06.2011 14:43
Re: hey everybody
A (belated) welcome to the boards. Thanks for posting.

If you're into the more rock side of industrial, then you'll want to check out Klank, Massivvivid, As Ember (sound a bit like Mankind is Obsolete), Mortal, The Brothers Martin, and a half-dozen other artists who can be heard over on (which you can access via the "Radio" button up top, if you were not already aware).

Welcome to the site, the conversation, and in general. Sorry the greeting is so belated.

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