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05.05.2012 19:50

Howdy from NC

I've been around FF on and off since around 2004 or so. I used to make some stuff back in the day. I've started a family and gotten away from music for a while, but I'm feeling the itch again. I'm looking to get started, so any suggestions on good free software are welcome :)


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07.05.2012 09:11
Re: Howdy from NC
You might try LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio). I hear they have released a ported-to-Windows version and the software is similar to FLStudio (but not very). If not this, then Reaper will let you test their software for about a month for free. Afterward it's about $40 to purchase last time I looked. And, if it is still out there, HammerHead beat station is good for just laying down basic drum loops.

Audacity is generally pretty good for editing wave files. There are other free wav editors out there, but Audacity tends to work best for me.

ACID Xpress will let you get started with loop arrangement for free. There are, again, other studios out there that will let you do this same task. A search for free VSTs will likely turn up sites like VST Planet that link to freeware suites as well as free instruments. Free VSTis tend to be memory hogs, but a good system can handle a handful without crashing. Just don't use too many effects on top of the VSTis.

Also, welcome back to the boards!

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